irp apportioned plates

Get Your IRP Apportioned Plates Fast.

Sky Transport Solutions will register for 48 states plates your IRP account. Your registration will show your jurisdiction with weight.  Sky Transport Solutions is a bonded and licensed California DMV web user, who can process IRP apportioned plates instantly from our office. we can provide you IRP plates instantly as long as you have all documents available and your account is in good standing with DMV. Get your IRP Apportioned plates from the company that provides great support and quick service.

What is IRP?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is an agreement among states of the US, the District of Columbia and provinces of Canada providing for payment of commercial motor carrier registration fees.

To operate in multiple states or provinces, motor carriers must register in their base jurisdiction (state or province).

NOTE: Commercial Vehicles operating Intrastate only, do not qualify for Apportioned Registration under the IRP

A qualified or apportionable vehicle is one that operates interstate and:

  • Has a gross weight or registered gross weight that exceeds 26,000 pounds;
  • Is operated in combination and the combination has a gross weight or registered weight that exceeds 26,000 pounds; or
  • Has three or more axles regardless of its weight (do not count trailer axles).

  • However, under IRP, commercial vehicles that have two axles and are at or under 26,000 pounds can be registered with IRP apportioned plates at your option. The states decide how they’re going to regulate these types of commercial vehicles. About half of the states require trip permits or IRP-apportioned registration to travel into, through, or within the states.

    Note: California Fee Schedule Update

    California will implement a change to its registration fee effective Jan. 1, 2023

    California Average per Vehicle Distance Chart – CA 32,150

    The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a program for licensing commercial vehicles in interstate operations among member jurisdictions. All of North America is included in the IRP, except for Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and the Canadian provinces of Northwest Territories and Yukon. The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a registration agreement amongst the U.S 48 contiguous states, District of Columbia, and 10 of the Canadian provinces.

  • The unique feature of the IRP is that it lets each registered carrier obtain one plate and registration cab card to travel in multiple states at specific weights

  • In accordance with the IRP, an interstate carrier is only required to submit an application with the jurisdiction in which it’s based. The base jurisdiction issues the IRP apportioned license plate and IRP cab card. Since the IRP cab card will list all jurisdictions in which you have paid registration fees, it is the only vehicle registration required to operate interstate or intrastate in IRP jurisdictions. However, all other requirements pertaining to fuel or any other tax must be in compliance before you enter each state.

    Your International Registration Plan (IRP) cab card will show all IRP states and Canadian provinces. Your IRP fees are calculated based on your “reporting period” distances. You should be able to operate in any IRP jurisdiction without adding a jurisdiction or buying a trip permit. For each IRP renewal, fees are charged based on the fleet’s “reporting period” distance.

    Renewals must be received 30 days prior to the payment due date. For instance, if your registration date was January, your deadline for submitting the renewal is November 15th. and the IRP payment due date is December 15th Penalties will apply to any renewal payment paid after the enforcement date.

    If you are a new carrier without a reporting period history, you will pay fees based on the Average Per-Vehicle Distance.

    There is no set fee for an apportioned plate. This plate is based off the vehicles year, make, model, Gross Vehicle Weight, depreciation value and your Road Use Fee.

    There are exceptions:

  • Operating a Government-owned vehicle
  • A recreational vehicle used for personal travel
  • Chartered bus

  • Schedule of Renewal

    Registration Month Processing Deadline
    for IRP Renewals
    IRP Payment
    Due Date
    Cab Card
    Enforcement Date
    January Nov. 15 Dec. 15 Jan. 1
    February Dec. 15. Jan. 15 Feb. 1
    March Jan. 15 Feb. 15 March 1
    April Feb. 15 March 15 April 1
    May March 15 April 15 May 1
    June April 15 May 15 June 1
    July May 15 June 15 July 1
    August June 15 July 15 Aug. 1
    September July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 1
    October Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 1
    November Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 1
    December Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 1

    Why should I allow Sky Transport Solutions to setup my IFTA account?

    Most truck owners and fleets know that IFTA applications can be very confusing, complicated, and time consuming. This is even more so if you have never completed an IFTA application before.

    Sky Transport Solutions setups thousands of IFTA accounts every year, so you know your application will be completed properly and will not be rejected due to common application errors. Sky Transport Solutions does these every day, we know exactly what supporting documents each individual state requires for a new IFTA  account and we always complete a preliminary audit of your IFTA application to ensure the state will have sufficient supporting documentation to setup your IFTA account.

    Send us your Telephone Number and we will contact you and explain all our services and answer any questions you may have regarding fuel tax permit, IRP plates or IFTA account.

    Let Sky Transport Solutions provide you with assistance when you open your trucking company. Permits, Authority and Corporation Package. We have opened thousands of trucking companies throughout the years, and provide constant and consistent service to our truckers. From quarterly IFTA filings to DOT drug and alcohol testing. We are always here to answer all your trucking permit, authority and filing questions.

    Let Sky Transport Solutions get all your trucking permits, saving you time and money.

    What is a base jurisdiction?

    A base jurisdiction is where the registrant (trucking company) has an established place of business, where mileage is accrued by the fleet (or single truck) and where operational records of that fleet (or single truck) are maintained or can be made available for inspection. The established place of business should be a physical structure or building owned, leased or rented by the fleet registrant and should be designated by a street number or road. This means PO boxes are not acceptable as the address of the trucking company.

    The following further expands on the definition of an Established Place of Business.


    “Established Place of Business” means a physical structure located within the Base Jurisdiction that is owned or leased by the Applicant or Registrant and whose street address shall be specified by the Applicant or Registrant. This physical structure shall be open for business and shall be staffed during regular business hours by one or more persons employed by the Applicant or Registrant on a permanent basis (i.e., not an independent contractor) for the purpose of the general management of the Applicant’s or Registrant’s trucking-related business (i.e., not limited to credentialing, distance and fuel reporting, and answering telephone inquiries). The Applicant or Registrant need not have land line telephone service at the physical structure. Operational Records concerning the Fleet shall be maintained at this physical structure (unless such records are to be made available in accordance with the provisions of Section 1020). The Base Jurisdiction may accept information it deems pertinent to verify that an Applicant or Registrant has an Established Place of Business within the Base Jurisdiction.”

    Do I need to keep track of my miles?

    If you have your own IRP account (even if you are leased to a carrier and they take care of your IFTA), you must keep track of all jurisdictional miles traveled. It will be required to renew your plates and will be needed if you are audited by the IRP. The staff here at Sky Transport Solutions will provide all the support to make sure your miles and fuel purchases are properly tracked and reported.

    We will explain all aspects of your IFTA/IRP Trip Report in detail, however here are some key items you will need to record.

    • Date
    • City and Routes Used
    • Jurisdiction
    • Odometer
    • Miles
    • Vendor, City and Jurisdiction of Fuel Stop
    • Date of Stop
    • Fuel Invoice Number
    • Gallons Purchased

    What will I receive once I have the IFTA account set up?

    For IFTA, you will receive a set of decals (stickers) for you power unit (tractor) and an IFTA license which should be kept in the tractor cab.

    What do I need to have ready before applying for IFTA?

    Before Sky Transportation Solutions can submit your IFTA application, you must already have an IRP (Apportioned Plate) account with your state. If you do not have an IRP account at this time, we will set it up for you.

    When trucks or combinations have two axles and are at or under 26,000 pounds gross weight or registered gross weight, IFTA does not apply.

    How does the process work if Sky Transport Solutions handles the IFTA setup?

    Once we receive your order, we will determine what supporting documents the state will require to be submitted with your IFTA application. You will receive an email and call from our IRP/IFTA  department staff requesting these documents, they may be emailed or faxed or mailed or delivered to us. If there is a document on the list that you do not have, we will assist you. We know all the solutions that will satisfy the state’s requirements.

    Once we have the required supporting documents required by the state, Sky Transport Solutions will submit the application to your state for processing.

    Generally the state will take 3-5 days to work on your account and send out your IFTA decals and license.

    Once I have the IFTA account set up, what do I need to do?

    Once you have your IFTA account setup, you will need to display your IFTA decals on each side of your vehicle (tractor or power unit) and keep the license inside the cab.

    You will need to keep track of the mileage traveled in each state and the fuel purchased in each state. You will receive an IFTA quarterly report from your state each quarter to determine if you owe fuel taxes or if you get a fuel tax refund.

    Generally, if you purchase most of your fuel in a state that has low fuel taxes and run most of your miles in states that have higher fuel taxes, you will owe taxes to those states with the higher fuel tax rates. If you purchase most of your fuel in a state with a high fuel tax rate and run most of your miles in states that have a lower fuel tax rate, those state will owe you a refund. For a list of current fuel tax rates by state, click here.