about us Sky Transport SolutionsSky Transport Solutions (STS) has years of background and day to day expertised in fuel tax reporting, trucking permits,business filings and authorities across the United States.

Our skilled staff is equipped to handle everything that a trucking professional needs, be it owner operators or a fleet of 200 tractor trailers. We make sure that our customers will always be current with their records at the FMCSA and  the DMV.

Get your MC Authority fast when you work with Sky Transport Solutions. We even offer our exclusive Free MC Authority Copy service.

Free MC Authority Copy

Free MC Authority Copy

Why Choose Us?

We specialized in owner operator and small trucking companies, plus we have the expertised to consult larger trucking companies or fleets.

We always stand together and behind with our customers during any kind of audits and inspections. Our business was basically built on customers referrals through out the US and locally in California. Over the last several years we have grown tenfold due to new and established truckers and trucking fleets discovering our services due to our establised presence on the internet.

We are licensed by California DMV  – Reg # 83172.

We diligently work with our customers to make sure we earn their satisfaction, and we have the best and most competitive prices in the market. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.


About Us – Sky Transport Solutions

Sky Transport Solutions is always ready, willing and able to assist truckers, owner operators and trucking companies with all the required paperwork!

Sky Transport Solutions will assist  your trucking company or fleet in establishing the proper safety management controls in order to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Sky Transport Solutions ultimate goal is to provide safer roadways for the public and increased profitability for trucking companies and fleets that we have the privilege of serving.

Safety is one of the company’s top areas where the bottom line can be improved. The bottom line is that money spent on accidents, incidents and injuries affect the company’s bottom line directly.

Less accidents, incidents and injuries = more profit for the company. Investing in someone like us means that you want to get ahead of the issues that you are aware of, or may not even be aware of.

Our staff at Sky Transport Solutions understands every trucking company or fleet is different, and that’s how we treat our clients and tailor our services to our clients needs. If there is something that you need that you don’t see on our services list, call us, most likely it can be done. Our programs and services are customized for your needs.

Send us your Telephone Number and we will contact you and explain all our services.

DOT Compliance Services

Not sure what you need?
Being in compliance is a major factor to operating a successful trucking company. The fines for not being in compliance can be very steep and there is a chance that your trucks are put out of order. One of the reasons why there are so many regulations surrounding the trucking industry is due to the concern for public safety.

Truckers will often complain as to how much paperwork has to get done to operate a truck. The numerous paperwork is required because state and federal agencies regulate the trucking industry.

When you decide to open trucking company there will be numerous questions and dangers of not having proper permits, plates or cab cards. Fines can be in the hundreds of dollar for not being in compliance.

Let the experienced staff at Sky Transport Solutions get your tractor trailer in full FMCSA and state DOT compliance. The staff at Sky Transport Solutions (STS) will assist you in making sure your paperwork is in order.

The staff at Sky Transport Solutions is dedicated and knowledgeable, our goal is to assist Federal Motor Carriers to stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

From Drug and Alcohol testing to Audit Assurance, our staff works hard to give your trucking company or fleet ongoing support to get them in compliance, and keep them there.

We Offer the Following DOT Compliance Services

  • Drug & Alcohol Program Management
  • DOT Compliance
  • FMSCA Compliance
  • Audit Services
  • BOC-3
  • Driver Qualification Services
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • Permits
  • Operating Authority
  • Insurance

Get on the road to compliance now.

Call Sky Transport Solutions DOT Compliance Services….So Your Trucking Company Passes the Safety Audit 

  • Manage your account
  • Pay your taxes
  • Get your permits
  • Process your IFTA and IRP transactions
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Renew your plates

  • How Sky Transport Solutions provides service for your trucking company.

    Our full truck and trailer management service covers these important functions: 1. Licensing, 2. Permitting, and 3. Fuel Tax (IFTA) Reporting to ensure your tractor trailers stay legally on the road and avoid costly fines.

    Licensing & Permitting

    Sky Transport Solutions will obtain your licenses and permits based on our extensive background in trucking compliance. We will provide support in a way that benefits your trucking company financially.

    Sky Transport Solutions will:

    • Obtain initial permits for mileage, authority, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP)
    • We have staff that monitors and completes your renewals for: IRP, IFTA, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), Mileage Permits (OR, NM, NY, GA, CA, MO, WA, IN, OK, AZ and/or KY), Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and applicable Authority Permits.
    • Complete IRP, IFTA, Mileage Tax, UCR and Authority Permit applications for additional vehicles added to your fleet.
    • Communicate with states on your behalf whenever there are permit changes, such as address changes, return of permits, or cancellations.
    • Review your IRP mileage information to ensure your vehicles are meeting the IRP requirements.
    • Provide recommendations for permitting needs for the following year.
    • Provide cost reports of total fuel, mileage, and authority permits.
    • Provide advisement on which base state you should use.
    • Recommend best-practices to help you optimize your fleet efficiencies and tax liabilities.

    IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting

    To help you comply with your IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting obligations, Sky Transport Solutions will:

    • Collect and enter your driver trip reports, fuel receipts, and toll information into a specialized database. (We accept paper trip documents or electronic data transfer.)
    • Conduct a proprietary audit covering 70+ edit checks, analyze data and correct errors to meet IFTA and IRP state compliance requirements.
    • Identify and correct discrepancies when appropriate.
    • Manage your monthly and quarterly mileage and fuel data.
    • Complete and submit tax returns and disperse payments.
    • Apply for ongoing fuel tax credits and refunds (as appropriate).
    • Maintain trip reports, fuel receipts, and other documentation necessary to meet recordkeeping requirements. We retain this information at Sky Transport Solutions in Tracy, California and purge according to regulatory timelines.
    • Generate Fuel and Mileage Reports, including:
      • Monthly/Quarterly Fuel and Mileage Report (including all states)
      • Monthly/Quarterly Unit Analysis Report
      • Units with no activity