What is a US DOT BOC-3 Filing?

DOT number represent company safety profile. FMCSA keep all the information of crash, violations and any illegal activities of companies. All information is public and anybody can check it on SAFER system.

All trucking companies need US Dot Number, who haul more then 10,000 pound and involved in interstate commerce. it is a requirement of FMCSA and almost all States.

We can help you with your USDOT need and Guide you in right Direction.

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How Sky Transport Solutions provides service for your trucking company.

Our full truck and trailer management service covers these important functions: 1. Licensing, 2. Permitting, and 3. Fuel Tax (IFTA) Reporting to ensure your tractor trailers stay legally on the road and avoid costly fines.

Licensing & Permitting

Sky Transport Solutions will obtain your licenses and permits based on our extensive background in trucking compliance. We will provide support in a way that benefits your trucking company financially.

Sky Transport Solutions will:

  • Obtain initial permits for mileage, authority, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP)
  • We have staff that monitors and completes your renewals for: IRP, IFTA, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT), Mileage Permits (OR, NM, NY, GA, CA, MO, WA, IN, OK, AZ and/or KY), Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and applicable Authority Permits.
  • Complete IRP, IFTA, Mileage Tax, UCR and Authority Permit applications for additional vehicles added to your fleet.
  • Communicate with states on your behalf whenever there are permit changes, such as address changes, return of permits, or cancellations.
  • Review your IRP mileage information to ensure your vehicles are meeting the IRP requirements.
  • Provide recommendations for permitting needs for the following year.
  • Provide cost reports of total fuel, mileage, and authority permits.
  • Provide advisement on which base state you should use.
  • Recommend best-practices to help you optimize your fleet efficiencies and tax liabilities.

IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting

To help you comply with your IFTA and Mileage Tax Reporting obligations, Sky Transport Solutions will:

  • Collect and enter your driver trip reports, fuel receipts, and toll information into a specialized database. (We accept paper trip documents or electronic data transfer.)
  • Conduct a proprietary audit covering 70+ edit checks, analyze data and correct errors to meet IFTA and IRP state compliance requirements.
  • Identify and correct discrepancies when appropriate.
  • Manage your monthly and quarterly mileage and fuel data.
  • Complete and submit tax returns and disperse payments.
  • Apply for ongoing fuel tax credits and refunds (as appropriate).
  • Maintain trip reports, fuel receipts, and other documentation necessary to meet recordkeeping requirements. We retain this information at Sky Transport Solutions in Tracy, California and purge according to regulatory timelines.
  • Generate Fuel and Mileage Reports, including:
    • Monthly/Quarterly Fuel and Mileage Report (including all states)
    • Monthly/Quarterly Unit Analysis Report
    • Units with no activity



We all know that we will need a BOC-3 agent once you apply for your MC Authority.
Did you know that Sky Transport Solutions is a great alternative for BOC3 Evilsizor, the same fast, quality and accurate service at a better price.

You know that you will have to do the BOC3 filing before you get your MC Authority. This means you will look for a list of BOC 3 process agents. You will need a BOC 3 bond and BOC 3 insurance and designate a agent from a list of BOC 3 agents.

The BOC-3 application process may be a bit tricky, as you are in the process of BOC-3 authority and BOC 3 filing and preparing your BOC 3 form.

We will take care of BOC-3 blanket designation and BOC 3 blanket company and explain to you the BOC 3 cost and BOC-3 coverage.
There are numerous BOC-3 filing companies serving the US, but give us a call first and see why so many other trucking companies have chosen Sky Transport Solutions.

The BOC 3 definition is as follows.

One of the three requirements when obtaining interstate operating authority is designation of agents for service of process in each state in which a motor carrier is authorized to operate. These regulations are found at 49 C.F.R. ยง366. Service of Process Agents (BOC-3 Designation of Process Agents) provides motor carriers and brokers with authorized attorneys who act as their agents in each state in compliance with this federal requirement. Sky Transport Solutions provides the BOC-3 filing with the FMCSA which is necessary for you to get and keep your authority.

The reason for the designation of agent requirement is so that an authorized person can receive suit papers in that state on your behalf. For example, if you are an California carrier and someone wants to sue you in Texas, you have to have a knowledgeable attorney in California who can receive those papers for you, send them to you and instruct you and your local attorney in the procedures for filing an answer.

Unlike the majority of our competitors, all of our agents are practicing attorneys specializing in representing the transportation industry. If you need legal assistance in any state, our agents can help where others cannot. At Sky Transport Solutions , we take pride in our service, and our 2,500 clients will agree that we are the best in this field. We have the answers to your questions!


Evilsizor BOC3 filing may be more expensive than Sky Transport Solutions, however the quality of service is the same. Another BOC 3 filing service is Sky Transport Solutions. FMCSA BOC 3 is not very difficult but if you make a mistake it will take time and money to correct it. So let the experts at STS take care of the filing for you. The BOC-3 form pdf is not that complicated but you can make a mistake, this means it has to be done over again and you have lost valuable time.


The staff at Sky Transport Solution know the BOC-3 instructions very well. So when you ask yourself BOC 3 what is it, call us and we will explain.

Every motor carrier BOC-3 must be properly filed with the FMCSA. Keep in mind that FMCSA motor carrier data is public information. This means you do not want to have suspensions on your motor carrier record.

The staff at Sky Transport Solutions will get you a BOC-3 process agents Oklahoma or any other state.

Sky Transport solutions will take care of all your BOC-3 requirements, BOC-3 renewal and BOC-3 registration.

Trucking BOC-3 is a key step on getting on the road.

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Most new truck drivers ask what is BOC 3 form and what is BOC 3 process agents We provide all the answers.