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Truck Stops in Fresno, California
Name: RVJ’s Chevron T/S
Location: Hwy 99 Central Exit, Fresno, CA
Distance from Fresno: Located In
Name: Beacon 5th Wheel T/S
Location: Hwy 99 Central Exit Chestnut, Fresno, CA
Distance from Fresno: Located In
Name: Texaco Star Mart #5
Location: CA 99 Manning, Fowler, CA
Distance from Fresno: Located In
Name: Selma Truck Stop
Location: Hwy 99 & Floral, Selma, CA
Distance from Fresno: 12.4 miles
Name: Pilot Travel Center #365
Location: 22717 Avenue 18 1/2, Madera, CA
Distance from Fresno: 17.5 miles
Phone Number: 559-673-3878
Name: Love’s #230
Location: 21948 Hwy 46, Lost Hills, CA
Distance from Fresno: 19.7 miles
Phone Number: 661-797-1800

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Fresno Information

Fresno, whose name is the Spanish word for “ash tree,” is located in the San Joaquin River Valley in central California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fresno’s growth began in the 1870s after the site was selected as a station on the Central Pacific Railroad. The area’s great land and weather attracted farmers and ranchers, many of them immigrants, resulting in a melting pot of nearly 100 nationalities still reflected in Fresno’s culture. In 1875, the raisin industry started in Fresno by accident, when grapes at a vineyard were allowed to dry on the vine.

Today, Fresno is among the nation’s 40 most populous cities, with a population of around 430,000 and a rapidly-growing metro area. Fresno County’s $3 billion agriculture business makes it the top county for agriculture in the country. Grapes, lettuce, cotton and tomatoes are the leaders among its more than 250 crops. Fresno’s economy is also supported by diverse industries such as agricultural chemicals and equipment, food processing, computer software, glass and plastics. Aided by its proximity to both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Fresno is enjoying a growing convention business. Fresno trucking permits are always required when a new trucking company opens up. Trucking and transportation are major industries in Fresno, this means warehousing and logistics are very common in the region. Large trucking fleets and owner operators rely on Sky Transport Solutions for their Fresno trucking permits.

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