livermore trucking permits

Truck Stops in livermore, California
Name: Vanco AMBEST
Location: I-5 Exit Charter Way, Stockton, CA
Distance from livermore: 18.4 miles
Name: Love’s #223
Location: 1553 Colony Rd, Ripon, CA
Distance from livermore: 32.2 miles
Name: Jimco Truck Plaza
Location: Hwy 99 Jacktone Rd., Ripon, CA
Distance from livermore: 35 miles
Name: 3 B’s Truck Stop
Location: I-5 Hwy 12, Lodi, CA
Distance from livermore: 35 miles
Name: Ramos Oil Co
Location: I80 Hwy 113 South, Dixon, CA
Distance from livermore: 40.3 miles

Interstate 580 is Livermore’s primary east-west six lane freeway. I-580 that passes the outskirts of Livermore before it heads east through the Altamont Pass to the Central Valley and Interstate 5. I-580 and I-5 are the main route of San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, California truck shipping traffic. Interstate 680, lies about 10 miles (16 km) west of Livermore. Highway 84 heads southwest from I-580 to Fremont. Vasco Road, an unnumbered highway that is maintained by Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, connects Livermore to Brentwood, California and the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta area.

There are numerous warehouses and distribution centers in Livermore, this creates the need for transport.

Livermore trucking permits

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