MC Authority August 2016 Update

  Sky Transport Solutions is warning that: motor carrier officials and new entrant applicants often receive confusing or misleading solicitations from service providers or third party administrators by telephone, e-mail, text and US Mail. These businesses are able to get your company’s information because when you submit an application or update your information with FMCSA, your basic carrier information is publicly available.

Please contact our office if you are planning on getting your MC Authority.
First-time applicants, who have never registered with FMCSA before and have not been issued a US DOT number, need to register via the new Unified Registration System (URS) as of December 12, 2015.

Sky Transport Solutions has an expedited process for the URS.

How do I  check MC Authority  for my truck as an owner operator?

How do I check MC Authority for a trucking company that will ship my freight?

These are common questions asked by shippers and truckers. The simplest answer is to use the link we will provide below.

mc authority

But first be aware of several facts. Generally the reason shippers will check on the status of the MC Authority is to make sure their freight is a truck and trailer that is legal on the road. This is important for the shipper because their freight may be held up at a roadside inspection point or at a weight station.

In a much worse case scenario if the truck is involved in an accident there may be liabilities if the truck was not legal on the road.

Check MC Authority

Sky Transport Solutions (STS) provides excellent MC Authority services. We can answer all your questions quickly and give you the information you need to run your truck legally on the road.

We have provided great service over the years for thousands of trucking companies and owner operators. Generally opening a trucking company is not very complicated, but you can make mistakes if you have never opened a trucking company.

Most trucking companies will start to get loads and freight once they have all their permits in place and are legal on the road and have the proper insurance for freight and the tractor trailer.

July 20th, 2016

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  • harv fox says:

    I will get a MC number thanks for info

  • Lorant says:

    i will be opening a trucking company soon, do you provide some basic ideas about the cost of opening a trucking company

    • admin says:

      The cost depends on the type of truck and trailer you will purchase. There is also an option to lease both the tractor and the trailer. There is no concrete answer to this question. Lets say you buy a box truck, it may cost $10,000 to $20,000. Lets say you buy a 53 foot dry van it may cost $20,000 plus $30,000 for the tractor/power unit. For heavy haul the trailer will cost $60,000 and tractor/power unit another $60,000…….so no easy answer.

  • Lorant says:

    ok thank you

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