MC Authority Cost

If you apply for interstate authority through, the MC Authority cost to get your operating authority is a one-time, flat fee that is lower than any competitor.

Just call in: (800) 498-9820 and tell our staff what is the price to get an MC Authority form any company that has a website and a number that we can confirm the MC Authority cost.


This is an all-inclusive rate that includes the federal filing fee, your USDOT registration number (in addition to your MC license number) and the process agent; everything you need to get your operating authority except insurance. There are no extra or hidden charges. Sky Transport Solutions has experienced staff who process all MC Authority applications.

Beware, as some permit companies may offer you a low rate but then will add on additional charges for the process agent and your USDOT Registration filing.


How Long Does the MC Auhtority Process Take?

URS applications (new applicants only) may take 20-25 business days, unless they are subject to further review by the agency, in which case it could take an additional 8 weeks or longer. This delay is not caused by the processing at Sky Transport Solutions, but instead the FMCSA policy.

See this:

Part 365

ยง 365.405: Applications.

(2) At any time after the expiration of the 10-day waiting period, applicants may consummate the transaction, subject to the subsequent approval of the application by the FMCSA, as described below.

July 21st, 2016

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