MC Authority Lookup

The process of MC Authority lookup is not very complicated at all. What you as the trucker or owner operator must know is the following information.

MC Authority Lookup

MC Authority Lookup

You do not want want you to lose loads due to MC Authority Lookup, there is certain information that can affect the way a company thinking of giving you freight or loads can decide not to give your trucking company the freight.

Did you know that the FMCSA is considering guidelines to start penalizing motor carriers (MC) with a worrisome pattern of disregard for road safety rules:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is set to publish a proposed rule in the Federal Register next week that will allow it to suspend or revoke the authority of motor carriers who have been found to have a pattern of “egregious disregard” for federal safety rules, rather than relying on results of compliance reviews alone.

The agency said in an announcement today this will help “target high-risk carriers that endanger travelers by avoiding or covering up their negative history of safety compliance.”

The FMCSA has always been an advocate for safety in commercial motor vehicle usage. They intend to set more stringent rules for carrier operations. The carrier must have a valid MC authority (interstate operating authority of the motor carrier) and USDOT (Department of Transportation) identification number. Aside from that, here are other basic rules:

Driver qualifications must be established. Truckers must be commercially licensed to carry property. Professional drivers should not have any medical condition or drug and alcohol involvement that may interfere with safe extensive driving.

Driving limits are imposed. Basically, property-carrying drivers cannot work more than 11 hours following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Other bounds as to the working hours or weeks, breaks and off duty days are outlined by the FMCSA.

There are specifications allowable for a vehicle to operate, such as its weight. Timely repairs and regular maintenance should be done by the carrier. Roadside emergency preparedness devices must be in place, as well.

Like any regulatory body, the FMCSA imposes these rules aimed to uphold standards in the industry. With such initiatives, competence and safety for all involved are ensured. Not only are road users safe, but the carrier’s business operations are allowed to run smoothly as well.

For new truck operators, it is advisable to seek full-service licensing consultants like Sky Transport Solutions (STS). They can guide you on how to apply for an MC number along with all the permits and information on legalities. Keeping your business safe and legal avoids costly penalties that are definitely detrimental to business profits.

MC Authority Lookup is not a bad thing when your trucking company has a great record.

November 20th, 2015

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