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Crist CDL’s Hot Shot Trucking Owner Operator Online Testing Center is a CDL Practice Testing area designed to help you learn the material covered on the real CDL written test, and it gives you a great chance to test your knowledge in real test form. The information can be found in your State booklet, and can differ from our test. So if the information does differ please use the answer provided by your State booklet.

The Federal Government made up the guidelines for the CDL program, and then distributed themthroughout the States, and from the Government guidelines the State would make up their test.So our test can be very similar to actual test found in your State. Some States decided to use the True and False testing method, and others decided on the Multiple Choice testingmethod, but all guidelines came from the Federal Government.

All of our tests are not the same; we have over 410 practice CDL questions that could appear on your exam,and we broke these 410 questions down in to several tests. So just a little warning don’t take one test and expect the others to have the same information. We have a total of 165 GeneralKnowledge test questions, broken down into eleven tests with fifteen questions each.

So please pick a test from the menu on the left, and…

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General CDL Knowledge

Air Brakes CDL

Hazardous Material CDL

Passenger CDL

Tanker CDL

Doubles Triples CDL


Air Brakes Test

You need to take the Air Brakes test if you plan on driving a truck or bus equipped with air brakes. The test covers parts of both dual and single air brake systems, including when they are used, normal and abnormal findings, and troubleshooting. The Air Brakes test is unique because, unlike the endorsement tests, passing does not earn you a positive mark on your license. Rather, if you fail the test or do not take the skills test in a vehicle that uses air brakes, your license will be marked with an air brakes restriction. This section has a road test component that must be passed in addition to the written portion.

Combination Vehicles Test

If you want to drive combination or Class A vehicles―including straight trucks and trailers, doubles and triples, and tractor-trailers―then you have to take the Combination Vehicles test. The test covers the driving and inspection of different combinations, as well as coupling and uncoupling.

Doubles/Triples Test

To drive a tractor with two or three trailers, you must pass the doubles/triples test and have a Class A license. This endorsement measures your knowledge of coupling and uncoupling, the inspection and pulling of double/triple trailers, as well as checking of air brakes.

General Knowledge Test

To attain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you must take and pass the General Knowledge section of the CDL test. This section covers general safety and cargo transportation rules associated with driving a commercial motor vehicle.

Hazardous Materials Test

If you aim to drive a vehicle that hauls hazardous wastes or substances, you must take and pass the Hazardous Materials test. Hazardous materials can include gases, solids, explosives, flammable and combustible liquids, and other materials. Because of the health and safety threat these items pose, their handling is heavily regulated by the government. As these rules and regulations are subject to change, you must be retrained and retested on the material every two years to keep this endorsement current. To help you prepare for this test, the Hazardous Materials practice test on this site covers items that measure your knowledge of proper communication, driver responsibilities, driving and parking rules, loading and unloading, regulations, and emergency situations.

Please note: Certain specific regulations, such as limits for transporting a particular substance, may vary between states. Please consult your state’s CDL manual as the final authority for the figures in these regulations.

Passenger Transport Test

If you wish to drive a vehicle that transports eight or more for hire (such as a bus or limo), you must take and pass the Passenger Transport test. To help you prepare for this test, the Passenger Transport section in this practice test covers bus safety and inspection rules. In addition to the written test, this endorsement also has a road test component you must pass.

Tanker Test

Take and pass the Tanker test if you will be driving a truck that carries liquids or liquid gas in excess of 1,000 gallons or more. The Tanker test covers topics such as tanker truck inspections and proper driving procedures.

July 21st, 2016

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