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Sky Transport Solutions (STS) has a lot of expertise in fuel tax reporting, trucking permits, business fillings, US DOT and MC authorities across the United States, plus we experts at quick and easy IRP apportioned plates and permits. Our skilled staff is equipped to handle everything that a trucking professional needs. We make sure that our customers will always be current in their records with FMCSA and DMV.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in owner operator and small trucking concerns to consulting with larger trucking companies. We always stand together with our customers during any kind of audits and inspections. Our business is basically built on the customers referrals. We diligently work with our customers to make sure we earn their satisfaction, and we have the best competitive prices on the market. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. From US DOT numbers to state permits we provide full coverage for all truckers.

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IRP Apportioned Plates

We can get you your IRP Apportioned Plates in 24 hours, you are required to have all the documentation and must have an existing IRP account in good standing. Also if you have questions regarding IRP plates call our office to have all your questions answered immediately. IFTA permits are our specialty.

All apportioned vehicles are required to register under the IRP. The exact definition of an apportioned vehicle according to the International Registration Plan INC., is as follows:

The Plan defines an apportion able vehicle as: any vehicle that is used or intended for use in two or more member jurisdictions and that is used for the transportation of persons for hire or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property, and:

(i) has two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds (11,793.401 kilograms), or

(ii) has three or more axles, regardless of weight, or

(iii) is used in combination, when the gross vehicle weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds (11,793.401 kilograms).

Here at Sky Transport Solutions we will take care of all the records that are required for your truck to be compliance. For Georgia GA IRP plates we can assist you also.

Sky Transport Solutions will maintain the records  that are needed to support the distance reported on IRP applications and IFTA tax returns by your trucking company to ensure appropriate distribution of fees and taxes.

By us taking care of the paper work and IRP apportioned plates; you are able to operate your trucking company more efficiently!

Starting Trucking Company

Sky Transport Solutions will prepare all the paperwork for you to start a trucking company, call us now for a free consultation on how you can be on the road in no time transporting freight.

The trucking industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the U.S., and numerous documents are required when you start a trucking company. The staff at Sky Transport Solutions knows exactly which documents have to be filed and which permits and credentials (in cab permits, decals, plates, etc.,) are required to open your trucking company.

When you look at the documentation that is required at all the state and federal levels,  you will feel overwhelmed by the requirements on all state and federal levels. Read more: open trucking company.

Send us your Telephone Number and we will contact you and explain all our services.

IRP Plates and Tags

The International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) are cooperative programs to collect and distribute registration and fuel tax revenue between member states and Canadian provinces.  The programs benefit carriers by consolidating licensing and reporting requirements through the base (home) state.

An IRP and IFTA account is required for companies that have vehicles crossing state lines that are over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight or have 3 or more axles on the power unit.

For IRP you will receive your Apportioned License Plate for your power unit and an Apportioned Cab Card that lists the states/provinces you have registered your vehicle to operate in.  For IFTA, you will receive a set of decals (stickers) for you power unit and an IFTA license to be kept in the cab.

Trucking Permits

Trucks that lack the correct permits or have expired permits can be subject to serious penalties. The trucker will be fined and forced to obtain temporary permits. Above all else this means a bid delay. In some cases the trucker will be off loaded onto another properly permitted carrier at the trucker’s expense. Time and money lost again. Even further, the truck can be impounded until all permit issues are taken care of.

Apportioned Plates

Apportioned vehicles possess two axles and a registered gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds. A power unit with three or more axles, irrespective of weight, is also an apportioned vehicle. Buses used to transport chartered parties may be proportionally registered, though apportioned registration is not required.

A cab card must accompany each apportioned license plate. This card indicates exactly in which states the vehicle is authorized to travel without a trip permit. The non-transferable apportioned cab card must be kept in the vehicle at all times and must be surrendered with the plates should the vehicle be deleted from a fleet.

IFTA Permit

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement among states to report fuel taxes by interstate motor carriers. To register, you must:

have an established place of business in the State from which motor carrier operations are performed,
mileage must be accrued in your State,
your operating records of the fleet must be maintained or can be made available in your State, and
you must operate in at least one other IFTA jurisdiction.
Under the IFTA, you are issued an IFTA license and one set of your State IFTA decals for your truck, which will allow you to operate in all other IFTA jurisdictions without buying additional decals from those jurisdictions. A copy of the IFTA license may be used in your truck instead of the original license.

US DOT Application

The staff at Sky Transport Solutions will get you your truck’s US DOT number as fast as possible, our services are reasonably priced and we always answer all your questions and assist you in all your trucking compliance needs.

MCS 150 update service to make sure you bi-annual update is done. All motor carriers and inter-modal providers must be in compliance with ยง390.19 .

US DOT Compliance

How it works

DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy in accordance with requirements of 49 CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382 requires that active drivers must participate in random screening of a minimum of 50% drug testing and 10% alcohol testing each calendar year. We offer services that help you stay in compliance with Federal laws.

Sky Transport Solutions provides the following services:

1. Federal Custody Control Forms (CCF’s) from Quest Diagnostics are sent to you (owner operator) or your Designated Employee Representative (DER) upon enrollment.  You may request additional CCF’s at any time.

2. We offer DOT certified testing with Quest Diagnostics Laboratories and we provide a list of DOT certified collection sites in the Quest Diagnostics Network.

3. We offer DOT certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) services.

4. We provide your organization with a DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy prepared in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382.

5. We maintain a database of active drivers in our Sky Transport Solutions testing pool.

6. We provide monthly random screening selection in accordance with CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382.

7. We provide web & email notifications of randomly selected drivers to their respective DER (or owner operator)

8. Your organization is enrolled in a Drug & Alcohol Program managed by Sky Transport Solutions in accordance with CFR PART 40 and 49 CFR PART 382.

9. We automatically add new drivers to the testing pool upon receiving negative pre-employment drug test results.

MC Authority

Are you an Owner-Operator who is signed on to a big carrier or operating under someone else’s authority? You could be losing from 20-45% of your revenue! In today’s economy, you can’t afford to be losing hundreds of dollars a week. With your own Operating Authority, YOU decide which loads to take, where you want to go and how long to stay out. YOU can have total control of your business and get back the 20-45% of your revenue that you are currently losing.

Click in the left column to check out our MC authority packages. We also have Broker Authority and USDOT number packages. The UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) is required for all companies that operate interstate. Please click the UCR Registration link for more information.

While we can obtain your MC number quickly, it will take a minimum of 18-21 days for it to become active. The FMCSA does not issue temporary or emergency authority and there is no way to speed up the 18-21 day activation time. Your MC number must be active before you can start operations interstate. We monitor your MC authority status, so you can concentrate on hauling loads.

We get you your MC Number quick. 

Oregon PUC Permit

The heavy trailer trip permit is required for trailers operated at a loaded weight* over 8,000 pounds and for all fixed load trailers or special use trailers (regardless of weight) which are not registered for use in Oregon and are not covered by reciprocity.

* Loaded weight means the weight transmitted to the road, through an axle or set of axles when the vehicle is fully loaded.