Service Details

MCS-150 / Biennial updates are required for individuals and companies that require a US DOT Number. Updates need to be filed biennially or with greater frequency if the following changes are made to the business:

- Modification to the company name
- Change of the business address
- Switching operating authority type
- Qualifying as a hazardous materials carrier
- Adding/reducing the number of vehicles in the company fleet
- Changing any other aspect of the business 

Why is it important to file an MCS 150 update every time a change is made to a trucking business?
Agents recommend submitting an MCS-150 update with every business change so that the FMCSA can accurately calculate a company’s safety performance score and prevent any audits due to the truck count not matching the UCR (Unified Carrier Registration). The FMCSA’s new safety measurement system includes three metrics: Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA). Out-of-date or otherwise inaccurate data can negatively impact a trucking company’s safety scores and subsequently, the whole business.